Campaign of the Month: August 2010

The Melekar Chronicles

Before the Battle

Solaren s log

The Night before the Battle for the Archway, Flamerule the 28th.

I gaze at the stars above and remember once what Elrin told me the night before the battle of Angor Rok.

The night before he died.

He said looking me straight in the eye, “Solaren! Here we are the night before our great battle. A glorious moment indeed!”

I questioned him, “Surely you do fear the coming day or the battle we must fight. Surely we may all die.”

He paused for a moment and said, “Look my friend at the starry sky above… so many. When we die, those who die in honor and glory never fade into the mists of time. For in the night sky, That is where we take our place in the heavens to look down upon hero’s like ourselves for all time.”

I sat staring at the star filled sky for a moment and said to him.

“Then you have nothing to fear. For you will join your brothers in glory in the sky forever, or in victory on the battlefield in the morn. But I, the last of my kind, have no place in the night sky. If I die so do my people.”

He smiled and touched my shoulder and spoke words I will never forget.

“You see, my friend, that group of stars above the horizon to the west. We call that the Lion… You were never alone.”

As I recall this memory I’m uplifted by the words of my friend. I kneel in his memory and look to the stars of my ancestors and begin to pray.

“Mighty Lion I ask you to guide my sword
into the flesh of my enemies.
May I strike quick and true.
Give me the strength to vanquish many foes
and the honor to see them fall before me.
And if I should be slain may I have earned the right
to take my place at your side…
In the heavens for all time.”



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