Campaign of the Month: August 2010

The Melekar Chronicles

Solaren's Journal, 11th Entry

Solaren s log

24th of Kythorn

Vintra has given me information regarding my father. He goes by the nickname “Raven” now. That was all she knew. I had another bonding moment with Ember, as we seem to be getting used to each other. It is good to enjoy the company of others again, it’s been so long since I’ve let anyone into my life. After the death of Elrin and my Father’s betrayal i had shut myself off. I think these companions are growing on me. There was this fair i guess they hold every year. I entered and Archery Contest and won. I gave the gift to Ember and she seemed to really enjoy it. We than had a few drinks and supposedly there were fireworks, but i hardly remember them.



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