Campaign of the Month: August 2010

The Melekar Chronicles

Solaren's Journal, 4th Entry

Solaren s log

8th of Kythorn

Over the past couple weeks we have traveled far after our battles in the Storm Tower and the recovery of the golden skull. We rode to the Valley of Obelisks, a wondrous sight to any mortal who has not seen it before. It was not much longer after that we arrived at the Shinning Citadel the golden skull in our possession. A pity we can’t sell it, as I’m sure it would catch a grand price, but Alecar and Byron say it is tainted with evil and we must destroy it. It is here I inquire about my father in the jeweled city but only get a vague answer. I should seek Sumberton and inquire within the merchant guild, as they hire the likes of all folks to protect they’re goods. Just another turn in the road it seems, in my quest to locate my father. Arriving in Sumberton, once again we were tasked with another duty to recover some stolen goods. In return we would not only be given reward but information on my father. Finally perhaps some clues as to where he is.



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