Campaign of the Month: August 2010

The Melekar Chronicles

The Battle for Wellspring

Broken empire log

Flamerule the 29th – Eleasis the 7th

It was two long days before the army returned to Wellspring, and spirits were low. They had seen the army from Cumberland first hand and they did not like their chances. However, they had done well at the battle the Archway and they may have bought the time they needed for the army from Highmoor to arrive. The army finally arrived at their door and on the 7th of Eleasis, the Cumberlandians made ready their assault. Just when they thought it was too late, they heard horns from the north. Highmoor had come.

Highmoor quickly entered from the north gate, and added their army to the defense. The leaders of Highmoor and Wellspring quickly gathered in the town center, adding Lord Kerden Jarmaath, Tredora Goldenbrow, and Sellyria Starbringer to the council meeting. Hearing about the parties exploits at the Archway, they were of course invited to attend the gathering. They needed to decide on a plan of action, and quickly. Two battle plans were quickly devised; Lord Jarmaath wanted to ride out of the city, and meet the horde head-on. Lady Kaal quickly agreed, because she wanted to save her city from destruction. Captain Ulverth wanted to use the walls of defense, because he had seen savagery of the horde first hand. Lady Tredora was torn, on the one hand she wanted to side with Lord Jarmaath as her leader and husband, but on the other she wished to spare as many lives as possible. Unable to decide, the council turned to the party for advice. Without hesitation, Alecar decided the best course of action was to defend within the walls.

With their plan set, the party made ready. Lord Jarmaath informed the party that Immerstal the Red had prepared a couple of spells that could greatly aid the coordination of the battle. One such spell could form a telepathic link between him, Lord Jarmaath, Alecar and one other council member. They thought it wisest if that were captain Ulverth. Shortly after breaking council, they heard a noise like distant thunder. Before they could investigate, a messenger road in, informing them that giants were bombarding the walls.

Without missing a beat, Alecar and the others mounted their horses and rode for the wall. They headed straight east, and climbed the wall to a guard tower. Scanning the hills, they saw the lumbering forms of hill giants. Hoping to catch the giants by surprise, they climbed down the wall, and circled around to flank the giants. They managed to approach the giants unseen, and Alecar effectively blinded them with a cleverly placed darkness spell. They managed to take out two of the giants, before the third figured out that he was, in fact, not blind. The third giant put up a bit of a flight, but in the end, he fell as well.

Hurrying back to the city, Alecar received word telepathically, that Immerstal had fallen, taking out a second group of giants. Unfortunately, he was not as successful as the party was, and the giants managed to breach the wall before he could slay them. The party rushed to fill the breach, but it was too far away and they were too late to stem the tide. The party fell back to the town center, to defend the bridge leading into the northern half of the city. Preparing to defend the bridge, the party heard a ghostly wailing noise coming from the south. Looking across the river, the party saw a group of about half a dozen warriors approaching the bridge. These were no ordinary warriors, they were bugbears standing 7 feet tall, with their bodies and faces painted all in white. Carving a swath through the soldiers, they charged toward the bridge. Bravely, Solaren rushed out to meet them, but before he could meet his grisly end, Ember shot a fireball at the group stopping them dead in their tracks.

Cavalier by eggar919They helped to defend the bridge for the next couple of hours, and just when they thought the tide was finally turning, they saw Lily Constantine bearing down on them. Clad in shining golden armor, she seemed to shine compared to the umbral coat of her nightmare mount. Appearing in the sky, she seemed a burning arrow, fired at the party by some dark hand. Alecar summoned several giant owls to intercept her. Lowering her lance, she bore down on them with a fury that would make gods tremble. Closing the distance in a blink, she felled one of the owls with a single blow. Just before she engaged the party, Ember called forth a mass of writhing black tentacles from the ground to entangle Lily. Seeing Lily up close, Ember had a flash of memory, but before she could grasp it, it faded once more.

The nightmare used its ability to move through the ethereal plane to escape the tentacles. Free once more, the general moved to attack Alecar. Recognizing the nightmare’s true nature, Alecar called upon Bahamut to send the creature back home to the Grey Wastes of Hades. With the battle quickly turning upon Lily, she sought an escape but it was too late, she was surrounded. Alecar and Solaren engage her in battle while Ember hurled spells. One such spell went awry, igniting one of the nearby buildings. Luckily, they quickly defeated Lily, and Alecar was able to stop the flames from spreading.

Ember finally realized who this woman was. She was Lily Constantine, General of the Third Order of Cumberland. Alecar immediately relayed the good news to Lord Jarmaath. It was approaching morning and it finally seemed that the fighting had ceased for the night… or so they thought.



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