Weapons: Heavy Crossbow, Sai

Armor: None

Clothing: Girlish white cloth dress with pink ribbons as detail, which goes almost to her knees. Over her dress she wears a large, silver symbol of the Luminous Order. The sleeves of the dress are not attached, but rather run from the thumb to well above the elbow (fastened by pink ribbons at top and bottom). Her shiny black platform shoes bring her up to 5’2", and the white socks go up beyond her knees, slightly past the end of her dress. In her hair is a piece of cinnamon, tied with a ribbon.


In a place that doesn’t get many travelers, it was quite the stir when a young blonde girl was found curled up near the village well well before sunrise. Even more puzzling were her strange clothes and her northern accent. All sorts of rumors cropped up as efforts to track her origins provided more questions that answers. She was taken care of by the local church, part of the Luminous Order, during the meanwhile. When common people try to explain the inexplicable, their fears sometimes get the best of them and those fears manifested into some malicious rumors, all of which were quickly forgotten as stroke after stroke of luck befell the village and its inhabitants.

This girl loved exploring the church grounds and sneaking around, causing all sorts of headaches for the highly disciplined and no-nonsense priests and church officials. One day, after the girl’s hairpin broke quite suddenly, to stop the girl from crying one of the young acolytes tied the girl’s hair with a ribbon and a stick of cinnamon. As the girl was sneaking around later, although quite out of sight, one of the acolytes remarked quite frankly, “I smell cinnamon.” After this day, whenever someone in the church noticed the girl sneaking around, whether aided by the scent of the cinnamon or not, they would shout to her “I smell cinnamon,” and chase after her. So, as nobody knew of the girls name, they naturally started to call upon her as Cinnamon. And as she seemed to have brought good luck and was staying at the church, they sometimes called her Saint Cinnamon.

Although her exact age is unknown, when Cinnamon was around the age of eleven, a visiting member of the Luminous Order from a nearby city visited the church and took note of her, as she seemed like a clever girl with a good reputation who was naturally light-footed. He arranged for to be assigned to a church in another city, where she soon began to recieve training. Although she was reluctant to leave the people who had been like family to her, the nature of her past had indeed sparked her innate curiosity and wanderlust. She wanted to do something where she could help the people who had cared for her during these years. So, without knowing what she was getting herself into, she agreed without asking questions.

She was happy to be around more people of her own age, but things never stayed the same way for long. One of the teachers saw potential in her. At first she thought it was because of her superiority to the other students, but lately she has come to think that it’s because of the intangible characteristics of her personality. Although a bit delicate, she was always charitable, loyal, and kind-hearted. While other students would pause, even momentarily, to consider their actions, it was as if Cinnamon’s mind was so clear that she could act without a moment’s hesitation. As she got more detailed training, the number of people who knew the exact nature of her training were limited to only her few teachers. She has been fully trained as a Ninja, and uses her special talents to further the aims of the Luminous Order… though she often finds herself acting for the sake of virtue when put in a situation that demands it, with or without orders from those within the Order.

Even were her mysterious arrival in these southern lands and her unique talents not enough to make her stand out, her appearance is quite out of the ordinary as well. She has long blonde hair which is quite straight, sometimes adorned with a bar of cinnamon as a hairpiece. Her sense of fashion is fairly unique for an adventurer. She never wears armor, but rather, will usually find herself wearing girlish dresses, adorned with ribbons, frills, or other things. Needless to say, she tries to stay out of combat so as to keep her clothes (and that which they cover) in good condition. She never starts a fight, and when she finds herself in battle she prefers to fight from a distance, using the heavy wooden crossbow that seems to be about two sizes too big for this girl that is slim and barely 5’2" when wearing platform shoes. This is strapped around her back when she is not using it. Despite her training, the recoil of this crossbow is a bit too much for her to handle, causing her to fall back a step and yelp “ahh!” after each shot. Should you get a glimpse of her in a bare-back dress when the crossbow isn’t strapped on, you might be able to make out part of the scar on the left side of her back, which resembles a wing. Lastly, she wears the symbol of Luminous quite boldly around her neck, as an over-sized necklace that she wears on the outside of her clothing.

Perhaps due to her small size, her health has always been an issue. She is a bit delicate and is allergic to almost everything (especially cats), but never complains about her condition. She is a skilled cook, and enjoys cooking for people and helping them out in any way she can.

As she is a naturally curious person, she of course is curious about her past before having arrived in these southern lands. Many travelers have mentioned that she has a northern accent, and she besides being able to speak common, she was also able to speak some Dwarven. She has some random memories, but it is impossible to fix them to a specific time or place, as so much time has passed since she was a young child. She has learned that the most important things are taking care of herself and keeping her faith to the Order, but that curiosity about her past is bound to trigger someday should she find some clues to her origins. She is thankful to the Order for everything they have done for her, and she knows that their intentions are pure, but lately she has started to feel that she is being pulled in a different direction. For so long she has known only the tenets of this faith, but her natural curiosity has her wondering about other religions, other lands, other realities… things that few outside of Cinnamon could ever imagine, but that she knows exists, because of those few memories from her early childhood that still linger. This world is truly a wonderful place, and Cinnamon wants to discover and preserve all of those wonders.


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