Origin of the Plane:

In the beginning there was nothing. Imradi, the Supreme Being, was growing tired of being alone in the universe and the mere thought brought Paladium and Sarakis, the Great Light and Profound Darkness, into existence. Imradi was satisfied and watched as Paladium and Sarakis struggled to create their own plaything, Melakar. Paladium wanted to create a paradise and to create the races to his own liking, and so did Sarakis. After thousands of years of fighting, between Paladium and Sarakis, Imradi finally stepped in. Imradi then created all of the lesser gods, known as lesser gods because they came second, not because they were less powerful. Imradi also had seen what Paladium and Sarakis were trying to create, and so he created Melakar, giving dominion over the various aspects to the different gods. Imradi made a compromise between Paladium and Sarakis. Whenever the gods were to create there was an equal and opposite things created. When Gaea created the High Elves, the Dark Elves, or Drow, were also created. When Reordin created the Hill and Mountain Dwarves, the Duergar, or Dark Dwarves were also created, and so on. Thus the balance between good and evil has been maintained. However, over the millennia, Imradi also grew tired of this world and turned away from it, leaving it in the hands of the other gods. At first the other gods didn’t realize this and continued as they had for thousands of years. But Sarakis has seen that Imradi is no longer present and is going to attempt to tip the scales in her favor… (seen in the events of the Godspike Campaign)

The Cosmos:

The sky at all times is black (as opposed to the standard blue), to reflect the lack of atmosphere (air is magically contained in the plane). The stars are the physical manifestation of the souls that were brought to the Upper Realms, and they are always visible, even during the “day.” The day is the standard 24 hours long, and the sun is known as “the eye of Luminos”. The seasons are accounted for by Luminos’s need for rest after providing the warmth and growth to the life of Melakar.

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