Capital: Population: Government: Religions: Alignment:
Highmoor 275,000 Council of thirteen elders. Bahamut, Erathis, and Pelor are the most commonly worshipped, with a smattering of Old God worship. The current council is led by a Lawful Good human. Most humanoid settlements lean towards good.

Luness is one of the countries born out of the ashes of the empire. It is governed by a council of 13 elders, the first 13 were chosen by the people. Currently, the council votes on new members when one of their number either retires or passes away. The Current Campaign takes place here, beginning in the town of Highmoor.

Life and Society: The former seat of the emperor himself was located in the town of Seacrest, as a result this country was formed by a large number of the corrupt members of the emperor’s court and guard. While not nearly as bad as it was during the days of the emperor, life in Highmoor can be dangerous. However, one boon of this, is that the country’s infrastructure, while slowly failing, is still quite good. High quality roads and shipping routes connect most of the country together.

Major Geographic Features and Places of Interest:
Hollow Lake and the Silver River: The Silver River runs form Hollow Lake all the way to the White Channel. Hollow Lake gets it’s name, because no matter how much or how little rainfall there is, the water level never seems to change. Because of this, the Silver River is able to accommodate all but the largest of seafaring vessels down it’s length.

The Cairngorm Peaks: The mountains provide the border to the south and west of Luness. There is only one safe route through them for any sizable group and the town of Wellspring sits in that valley.

The Imperial Ruins: Located in Seahaven, the massive ruins of the Imperial Capital lie dormant. This skeleton has long since been picked dry, but people make the trip to the city almost daily to try their luck at finding some long lost treasure in the wreckage. Despite the number of tourists, this is still a very dangerous place, and people are lost all the time to cave-ins, not to mention the creatures that have made their homes in the cavernous ruins.

Important Sites:
Highmoor (Metropolis, 50,000-75,000): The capital city of Luness, Highmoor is a den of thieves, disguised as a merchant’s guild. The town is run by the Council of Elders, only because the criminals of the city aren’t organized enough to take over, and are fighting among themselves. In High- and Middle Town, it’s safe enough during the day, but if you look rich, you’ll want to stay out of the other districts.

Wellspring (Large City, 20,000): Wellspring nestles in a valley, astride a river known as the Chill and between two arms of the Cairngorm Mountains. Less than two miles away is Kord’s Tankard, a deep lake fed by runoff from the mountains. The most common travelers are pilgrims devoted to the deity Ioun and her saint, Estered, come to visit her statue and pay their respects.

Fallcrest (Medium City, 10,000): Fallcrest is a medium-sized city built along a large bluff. The bluff divides the town into two sections, the Upper Quay and the Lower Quay. Lord Warden Faren Markelhay is the hereditary lord of the town. Also of interest in the town is the Adventurer’s Guild, run by the gnome Panzanzabon.

List of Locations
Highmoor – Capital, Silverland, Euland, Woodhallow, Fayacre, Butterneese, Fairfox, Seahaven

Hollow Lake, The Silver River, the Cloakwood, The Harken Wood, Ravenwood, the Cairngorm Mountains



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