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The Amrushi Empire (as of AW 1127):

he nation of Amrush is the seat of the Great Emperor Shador Szoraxle XVII. For 700 years, the nation of Amrush has been the home of the Emperor. It is currently the year 756 AW, AW for After War. 756 years ago marked the end of the Six Nations War. A long time ago, the Amrushi decided that they should be the ones to bring rulership and guidance to the divided world. A few noblemen disagreed with the King Szoraxle I. They withdrew from Amrush and formed the nation of Hellone. Unfortunately, the king wasn’t very forgiving, and decided to make an example of the traitors. Szoraxle crushed the nation of Hellone and Hellone has been a servant to the line of Szoraxle ever since. The Amrushi proceeded to systematically take over all the other nations. Arria was the next to fall, followed by Algur, Krein, Cormand, and finally even the barbarian tribes of Hrundi were subdued. Before the War, the Kings were chosen based on a series of challenges, which any citizen could try for. Unfortunately, Ssendorl Szoraxle was, technically a citizen and so the rogue/sorcerer competed for the crown. Only after he had one did everyone become aware of his heritage. Ssendorl was a Drow. The High Council tried to prevent him from taking the throne, but according to the law, the citizen that wins the challenge, wins the right to the crown. Ssendorl’s first act was to abolish the challenges and to make the kingship based upon heritage. He then disbanded the High Council. Shortly thereafter he built himself an empire and ruled over it for 300 years. Over the next 400 years, the Szoraxle line was thinned out with human blood, so now, there is only a trace of Drow left in Shador.

Chroniclers Note: Following the events of The Day of Blood in AW 1500 the empire has fallen.

The Amrushi Empire

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