The Dragons

The dragons

As of this writing in 1127 AW There are only 6 dragons in the world, all of which are on their own Islands (with the exception of the Ice dragon, who shares her island with a frost giant elementalist). All six of the dragons are of the age category “old.” In Imradi’s infinite wisdom, he granted the dragons the ability to be reborn, when old age finally claims them. When the dragon’s body dies, an egg forms inside it, using it as an incubator in the same fashion as a phoenix does. The dragon can be killed by other means however, so the party, killing a dragon must keep in mind the consequences. The dragons represent 6 wards keeping the Umbral Blot at bay. In the early days, before the creation of Melakar, there was a rift in the dimensions and a creature came through before Imradi could seal it. The creature, being of a different world, was not subject to Imradi’s influence. Finally, with the creation of Melakar, Imradi was able to create a prison for it, and the 6 dragons are the wards of the prison. If even 3 of the wards are destroyed, the creature will be set free. Mortals may be able to have an effect on the creature where Imradi could not.

Color True Name Common Name
Gold Farirthand Sunfire
Silver Thorangriel Quicksilver
Brass Zirradathor Copperscale
Red Ignandadis Flamestrike
Black Morungrarg Pestilence
White Ar-Niralzon Frostbrand
Slarecian Yargash None

There is a seventh dragon, that none of the others are aware of as of yet. It is a Slarecian Dragon (age category “Ancient”), a creature brought to being through Sarakis’s perversion of the Godspike. It has claimed one of the islands near the Godspike for its own.

Following the events of the Godspike Campaign, the slarceian dragon was killed and the evil magicks flowing into the world through the corrupted Godspike have been stopped.

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The Dragons

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