The Time of Turmoil

Time of turmoil title

0 – The Time of Turmoil. The date has been lost to time, but this year marks the beginning of the end of the world as it was known. It was then, that the Umbral Blot first appeared. There was some sort of rift in the sky, which could be seen in everywhere on Melekar. From that rift seemed to come a ball of pure darkness. No one knew what to make of it. It simply stayed there for a full 10 days and 10 nights, (Although no one knew it, this rift was created through a combination of magical and divine energy that Preston created. Even he wasn’t aware of the powers he was dealing with, and didn’t know it was his fault, all he knew was that the ball appeared directly over the university, so that when the sun was directly over head, it absorbed all light and left him in blackness.)

The gods saw this, and were very concerned. At first, they didn’t know what it was, or where it came from and were content to simply watch it. After the 10th night, the ball was simply gone. Those who had been watching it claim that it just fell out of the sky (and indeed it did). It dropped out of the sky, moving towards the school, to destroy the lab which had created the rift, and brought it into existence. After doing so it wasn’t sure what to do. It was free. It moved through the world absorbing all it touched into nothingness, moving between points of power in the world, destroying the great civilization that had been created in such short a time. It would enter towns and leave a hole on the map. For months this continued, and it killed countless hundreds of thousand of people and animals, but still it had no purpose. When it descended upon the school, the gods knew they had to act.

Unfortunately the gods were as petty as they were powerful, and they refused to work together. Alone, they were unable to affect the Blot. Since it came from another dimension of existence, they didn’t hold the same power over it, that they did the mortals. After months of uncoordinated attempts to destroy the creature, the gods finally gave in, and decided to work together. Unable to destroy it, they decided to imprison it within Melekar. Together they created six seals, represented by six dragons. They created these dragons, and gave them more power than any other mortals they had created so far. Tying the life force of these dragons together, the gods were able to create a spirit-web, something that the Umbral Blot wouldn’t be an able to simply absorb. Trapped within it, they spun the web into a sphere and place it within the ice caps in the center of Melekar.

The gods wanted to make sure that the seals could defend themselves, so they gave the dragons incredibly long life spans, and the ability to be reborn should they perish. The rebirth process takes time however, so if all the dragons were to be killed in one year, the Blot would be released and escape once again. To prevent that, they were given their own roosts on the six different continents. These dragons represented the different dispositions of the gods that made them; the colored dragons took after their more evil parents, while the metallic dragons took after those gods who were good and noble. After this, even Sarakis realized that the gods had to be more careful about the kind of power given to their followers.


(Chronicler’s Note: I have included a tome written in 1127 AW about the dragons of the world. It is a little out of date, but it provides information on the original 6 dragons, from which all other dragons are descended.)

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The Time of Turmoil

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